Camera Obscura

Welcoming December with a final Pinhole Photography project for my Photo I class this fall!

Our last assignment with pinhole (camera obscura) photography finally allowed our class to stumble around in the darkroom for the last couple of weeks. We learned how to develop our own film and create our own 8.5X11 prints. Pinhole photography is a very primitive form of taking pictures that doesn’t involve a lens. It takes long exposures to actually capture an image, but the result is very soft and intimate photos.

I’m going to include some of my practice contact sheets along with some final prints I developed. I appreciate the rough quality of these photos, the burned edges, and places where I managed to catch the holes of the negative on the print. Even the scratches and imperfections on the prints work with the softness and vintage feel of Pinhole.

As my subject, I focused on my mom’s collection of decorative bird cages around the house.

Check out the link “Photo I Project 4 Pinhole” on the sidebar for images!


~ by wickedmumbles1 on December 3, 2009.

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