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Thanks for stopping by! So far, I’ve added photos for some of my past works in Ceramics, Painting I, Drawing I&II, 2D/3D Design, and some personal projects. Enjoy! And if you have any questions, feel free to comment!

It’s late. Better post for you tomorrow.

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October Alegria

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Okay. It’s taking some time to get the gears turning..but I added a new page of my current paintings.

The nude woman is obviously unfinished. Shes going to have various drawers coming out of her body.I’ll explain more on her later. I just want to mark my progress for now.

The other painting is one I did a little bit back. Its from a picture of my Mema and Papa when they were young.I enjoyed making this one so much.

The plan is, when I find more time today, to add a gallery of past works on here.So that 1) I can stay organized and 2) I can share with friends and family

Excited to start this site,


First Entry

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Going to leave it plain. That way

I can only go up from here.