Photo I Project 2

These are recent photos taken for my second project in my Photography I class this fall (2009). The first 5 are my final photos and the rest are excess from the shoot.

The concept was built from children growing up too fast. It’s pretty straight forward, but I wanted to photograph the kids performing “adult” tasks and capture the mundane/indifferent emotions tagged to those tasks. It was a very fun shoot, and the kids were fantastic with directions. Thanks Megan and Alisa for all of your help!


2 Responses to “Photo I Project 2”

  1. I really like your concept! One of my favorites has to be the girl in the bathtub. GREAT emotion and composition there 🙂 Awesome job.

  2. Katie, they are fabulous. It doesn’t hurt that you had such amazing subjects, but the project is wonderful. I’m so proud of you and the kids!

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