New Site!!

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I have moved my artwork to a new portfolio site:

Let me know what you think or if you have trouble loading it! Thanks for all the support. It is always greatly appreciated.


Camera Obscura

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Welcoming December with a final Pinhole Photography project for my Photo I class this fall!

Our last assignment with pinhole (camera obscura) photography finally allowed our class to stumble around in the darkroom for the last couple of weeks. We learned how to develop our own film and create our own 8.5X11 prints. Pinhole photography is a very primitive form of taking pictures that doesn’t involve a lens. It takes long exposures to actually capture an image, but the result is very soft and intimate photos.

I’m going to include some of my practice contact sheets along with some final prints I developed. I appreciate the rough quality of these photos, the burned edges, and places where I managed to catch the holes of the negative on the print. Even the scratches and imperfections on the prints work with the softness and vintage feel of Pinhole.

As my subject, I focused on my mom’s collection of decorative bird cages around the house.

Check out the link “Photo I Project 4 Pinhole” on the sidebar for images!


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New header image! Composed some of my art work together in Photoshop and added an Ink Outlines filter over top.

Added a “Computer Applications in Art” page to the right.–>

My most recent work from this class is a color vector illustration made in Adobe Illustrator CS4. The image I started with is courtesy LIFE Magazine (February 1957), Hertz Rent A Car Advertisement. Pretty basic, just layered LOTS of color shapes over each other to build value. Fun project, though addicting and time consuming!


Remember, Remember the 5th of November

•November 5, 2009 • 1 Comment

Happy November finally! Creeping towards the end of the semester and things are very much in motion. Wonderful feeling!

New page format.. I set up my art pages on the right side bar. Hopefully that makes it easier to see them listed vertically, rather than horizontal..It was starting to get crowded.

I posted more of my recent Photo I Project 3: Guernica prints. Check em out! –>

Also, I decided to include my artist statement we had to write for this project. Hope that helps better explain the chaos. Enjoy!


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I’m still not completely sure what my professor wanted us to do for this project…BUT I ended up recreating parts of Picasso’s Guernica using paint and charcoal on sheetrock. I set it up in my Dad’s workshop in the basement. Then hatched photos together in photoshop for the “cubist” feel. Ya dig?

This drove me nuts. Very overwhelming mixing all of the different media. But I learned a hell of a lot about Picasso’s style..not as easy as it looks. Maybe that’s what my professor was going for?

Here’s one of the five final prints I made: The overall view of the piece. The other prints (I’ll post later) are close ups on the individual subjects.


And here’s Picasso’s original:


Great week ahead!Finally over being sick so I am looking to post more stuff soon 🙂



Busy Bee

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Hey everyone! Haven’t had much time to post new stuff, being the middle of a very crazy semester. Currently working on my 3rd project for Photo I, which is chaotic and messy with paint! Recreating Picasso’s Guernica in a completely new way.

Don’t have much to offer, but a finished black and white vector illustration from my Computer Apps class:

Black and White Vector Illustration

The main photo is a picture of myself from a Halloween party in 2007. The flowers were a photo of my Grandmother’s garden. And the profile of the woman is from a Beatles Illustrated Lyrics book. Created this in Adobe Illustrator CS4 ,which I am still learning the ropes. Lots of fun, very easy, almost addicting creating those vectors!

That’s all for now! Back to work.

Loves and doves


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Hello again,

After a very busy week working on various projects at school, I have finally found some time to upload my recent black/white project for my Photography I class this fall semester. I am still debating on uploading my first documentary project from this class, as it is sensitive material.

But for now, check out the new page I have added under “Photo I” or click on the link:

There is more info on the project under that page, and as always, if there are any questions or comments, feel free to post! Would appreciate the feedback.

As far as my nude painting, I am continuing to add several glaze layers to refine the skin tone. I am pleased with it so far, though I am struggling with making the drawers look 3 dimensional. More images to follow soon!

Thanks for all of your support and encouraging words.